Liberty Links: Week of May 14-21, 2017

Welcome back for the third installment of Liberty Links, your essential weekend news digest from Liberty Weekly!

This week has been a bit sparse in terms of Liberty Weekly content because my co-host Jerry and I have been hard at work recording the first episodes of the Liberty Weekly Podcast! We are very excited to launch and share our work with you all. The show is still slated for launch by the end of the month. Keep your eyes peeled.

Without further ado, it’s time to serve up the links:

Domestic News

A Quarter Of American Adults Can’t Pay All Their Monthly Bills; 44% Have Less Than $400 In Cash The Fed’s latest annual Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households heralds some troubling statistics

“Everybody’s Freaked” — Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated While the world focuses on the Trump-Russia narrative, there may be a nuclear disaster unfolding in Washington State

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades Notes on the  resurgence of McCarthyism

Report: DoD May Have Improperly Booted Thousands of Troops With Mental Health Conditions The government can’t take care of our veterans

Cover-up of the Murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich? It’s looking more and more likely that Seth Rich is the real source of the DNC leaks. Is he yet another victim of the Clinton Kill List?

Will Republicans Dump Trump for Pence? Peter Schiff weighs in on the opposition to Trump and new economic numbers in this week’s edition of the Peter Schiff Show

Foreign News

Highland Venezuelan town blitzed by looting and protests Reuters gives some much-needed coverage to the situation in Venezuela

Syria calls U.S. air strike ‘terrorism’, Russia says ‘unacceptable’ the U.S. airstrike eliminated militia supported by the Assad Administration on Thursday. It is the second U.S. attack on Syrian forces since Trump took office.

As Trump Pushes Massive Saudi Weapons Deal, Yemenis Suffer from Cholera, War, and Famine Some news from the Left side of the aisle about the suffering of the Yemeni people from Saudi aggression. 

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Thoughtcrime Thursdays: “Equilibrium,” North Korea, and the Surveillance State

Hello everyone and welcome back for another issue of Thoughtcrime Thursdays, the weekly column where we explore the world of fictional dystopia as a critique on our current society. This week, we are going to compare life under the North Korean Regime to life within the fictional regime in the 2002 film Equilibrium starring Christian Bale and Sean Bean.

In the film, it is the year 2072 and the totalitarian city-state of Libria has arisen from the ashes of WWIII. Libria is governed by the Tetragramaton Council and its mysterious leader, known only as “Father.” Seeking to prevent another world war, the regime has identified human emotion as being the main cause of war and conflict. Correspondingly  all human emotion and all forms of artistic expression are illegal.

The secret police force, the Grammaton Cleric, of which Christian Bale’s character is a member, enforces these laws by destroying artistic works and assuring that citizens take their scheduled doses of Prozium II, a drug which suppresses their ability to feel emotions. In many ways, citizens of Libria live in a complete surveillance state, where privacy is virtually nonexistent. Citizens are encouraged to spy on one another and report “sense offenders” for immediate execution.

The utter tyranny imagined in the film pales when compared with the real life abomination that is the North Korean regime. Like the film, citizens of North Korea live in a complete surveillance state. However, instead of the coercive administration of Prozium II, it is mandatory that every North Korean citizen regularly attend self-criticism sessions. In these sessions, individuals are expected to report their wrongdoings to the group and inform on the wrongdoings of other group members.

In order for the regime to completely dominate the populace, North Korean families are separated into 50 different castes according to their Songbun, a merit-based system which determines a family’s trustworthiness with the regime. Each caste is geographically confined to their corresponding districts within the country.  Freedom of movement does not exist, and every citizen must obtain and carry a permit to go anywhere. Furthermore, only the elite members of society are allowed to set foot in the city’s capital, Pyongyang.

Enemies of the Korean regime are either publicly executed or sent to prison camps. In the most severe cases, punishment for an individual’s infractions will be inflicted on their entire family–this means the extermination of three complete generations: the person’s children, siblings, and parents.

The incomprehensible repugnance of the Korean Regime cannot be fully documented here and the above infractions are merely a glimpse of the crimes against humanity being committed in North Korea.

In the fictional world, the film ends with the Tetragramaton overthrown and the people of Libria freed from the yoke of oppression. It must be assumed that in the aftermath of the revolution, the former citizens of Libria would exhaust or refuse to take their intervals of Prozium II and begin to feel emotion.

Because they had never before possessed the ability to feel, the former citizens of Libria would be completely unprepared to handle these new emotions. Likewise, life in North Korea is so propagandized that, if the North Korean Regime disappeared tomorrow, North Koreans would be similarly unprepared.

While Michael Malice notes that in the short term, there is little hope for the North Koreans, it is possible that the regime could collapse quickly and peacefully. For now, they are very much deserving of our thoughts and prayers.

Please stay tuned for the three-episode launch of the Liberty Weekly Podcast which will include an entire episode dedicated to discussing the Korean War and the resulting nightmare that is the North Korean Regime.

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Liberty Links: Week of May 7-14, 2017

Welcome back for the second installment of Liberty Links, your essential weekend news digest from Liberty Weekly!

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Now, on to the links!

Foreign News

President Trump: Toss Your Generals’ War Escalation Plans in the Trash Ron Paul with some good advice for the President.

North Korea’s Latest Ballistic Missile Was A “New Type” With Dramatically Longer Range Tensions continue to boil as North Korea continues their ICBM program.

Kissinger At White House Signals A Bigger Scandal Than Comey (Video) While the world is distracted with Comey-mania, Bilderburger Henry Kissinger lurks about the White House.

“Canada Hasn’t Seen A Bank Run Such As This In Decades” — Finance Minister Says Home Capital Bailout Is Possible Financial turmoil in the land of hockey, maple syrup, and government interventionism. 

Domestic News

Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind Constitutional attorney and President of the Rutherford Institute John W. Whitehead explains of civil asset forfeiture works.

Arizona Passes Bill to End Income Taxation on Gold and Silver Arizona takes steps to end the Fed’s monopoly on money.

Texas House to Consider Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Could Texas join the legalization movement?

UofA Hires “Social Justice Advocates” To Police Fellow Students For “Bias Incidents” More leftist censorship on our campuses.

Is Blockchain A Gold & Silver Launchpad?  Could precious metals infuse with crypto-currencies?

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Thoughtcrime Thursdays: “Minitrue” and the Sterilization of History

Hello everyone and welcome to the special Friday edition of Thoughtcrime Thursdays, the weekly column where we explore the world of fictional dystopia as a critique on our current society. This week’s installment has been postponed to today because I’ve been taking exams all week!

This week, we are plunging headlong into controversy in order to discuss Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Ministry of Truth, and the recent removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

In the early hours of Thursday, May 11, a statue of Jefferson Davis was removed from Mid-City in New Orleans. Beginning around 2:30 am, the city instigated the removal process, which was carried out by unmarked workers wearing helmets, body armor, and masks.

The statute of Jefferson Davis is the second of four monuments set to be removed pursuant to an effort spearheaded by the city’s mayor, Mitch Landrieu. In a 4:30 am press release linked above, the city denounced the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy” and vowed to remove the monuments, which Mayor Landrieu claims celebrate a “legacy of slavery and segregation.”

The history and causes of the Civil War are immensely complicated. Ultimately, the war was the culmination of a long, intricate, and highly political power struggle between the North and South. The slavery issue was one of the most prominent mediums or manifestations of the fight for political power itself. The war wasn’t about slavery itself as much as it was about what slavery meant in relation to economic and political power for both sides.

By sterilizing this history and simplifying it to such a degree, progressives seek to control the narrative and ignore the fact that the South also–maybe even more importantly–fought to preserve its culture, identity, and understanding of the Constitution as a compact between the States, whom, in their correct view, retained their undiminished sovereignty. The average Confederate soldier didn’t own slaves, and many wrote letters which expressed more concern for their own culture and their understanding of the proper role of government.

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the job of the Ministry of Truth is to control the narrative by rewriting, amending, or ignoring history. By removing these monuments under cover of darkness, progressives are sweeping these issues under the rug. Furthermore, they are distorting history and simplifying an immensely complicated subject that warrants discussion and preservation.

The Ministry of Truth is not a fictional organization–it is very real. It operates not only as a governmental organization, but among us. Often, it is the people themselves rewrite the past.

That being said, there can hardly be any truth to our study of the Civil War–the term itself is already controlled by the minitrue:

A Civil War could fairly be defined as a “war between citizens of the same country” or a struggle to control the government of a country. The Civil War was not a civil war at all, because Southerners were neither citizens of the United States, nor were they fighting to control the United States Government. They were fighting to leave the Union in much the same way that the colonists fought to secede from the British Empire.

I neither condone slavery, nor claim the the war had nothing to do with slavery. I simply posit that the truth is more complicated, and warrants more discussion. The popular public school understanding of the conflict is very one-dimensional at its best and purposefully deceptive at its worst.

We need to confront real truth, which is infinitely more complicated than the Ministry of Truth would have you believe. To guide you in this quest, be on the lookout for the upcoming Liberty Weekly Podcast where we take on Big Brother by deconstructing the official narratives.

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Liberty Links: Week of May 1-7, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Liberty Links, your essential weekend news digest!

Beginning with this first edition, Liberty Links will provide a collection of the news stories from the preceding week may have been . . . overshadowed . . . beneath more “important” headlines.

Domestic News:

Wikileaks Reveals “Archimedes”: Malware Used To Hack Local Area Networks Wikileaks exposes more CIA shenanigans.

Chicago Is A War Zone”: Police Suicide Rate Surges To 60% Above The National Average Chicago continues its “progressive” transition into the third-world.

Big Brother Is Still Watching You: Don’t Fall for the NSA’s Latest Ploy Nice try, NSA.

Foreign/Foreign Policy News:

May Day Paris France, Most Insane Protest Footage We Are Change with their indispensable coverage of civil unrest across the globe.

US Navy Launches Colossal 46,000 Ton Warship War is the health of the State.

Saudi Power Struggle Could Destabilize The Entire Middle East All may not be well in the land of sand, blood, and oil.

US Dropping Bombs Quicker Than They Can Be Replaced Surely, supply will rise to meet demand.

Why Do North Koreans Hate the American Government? The answer probably won’t surprise you.

What the N. Korean “Crisis” Is Really About Here is one take, at least.

Syria Safe Zones Declared: Will the Killing Finally End? Don’t hold your breath.

Army Announces New Deployments for 5,700 Soldiers US deployments return to Afghanistan. 

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Thoughtcrime Thursdays: “The Matrix” and Human Farming

“Wake up, Neo . . .” and welcome back for the fourth installment of Thoughtcrime Thursdays, the weekly column where we explore the world of fictional dystopia as a critique on our current society!

This week, we will be “taking the red pill” to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. To help us draw some obvious parallels between The Matrix and the State, we will recruit the help of the one and only, Murray Rothbard.

(If you have not seen The Matrix, I implore you read no further and order it here)

In the film, the machines harvest bio-electricity from humans, who are suspended in sprawling rows of stasis pods on human farms beneath the Earth’s surface. In order to keep the humans apathetic and compliant, their minds are plugged into the Matrix, a computer program that simulates human life as it existed in 1999, before the beginning of the war between humans and the machines.

The Matrix is necessary, for in order to continue operating their human farm, the machines need to maintain the illusion that the Matrix is real. To see the Matrix for what it really is, Neo needs to “take the red pill,” unplug, and free his mind.

In viewing The Matrix as a dystopian allegory, the most glaring real life parallel is the relationship between the State and its citizens. While this is not the only allegory contained within the film, it is perhaps the most blatant, and the one we will concern ourselves with.

In The Ethics of Liberty, Murray Rothbard describes the State as being “a bandit gang writ large.” The State produces nothing, and has first stolen everything it possesses. Just as the machines survive through harvesting human life force, the State harvests its due from us by taxing our labor, our property, and our transactions. It controls what we can or can’t do with, or put in, our bodies, regardless of whether or not we are harming anyone else. The logical implication of this taking is that you do not actually own yourself or your property, the State does.

Sure, one could argue that the State takes, but they don’t take everything (in most cases). They only take your fair share. Besides, it is the price we pay for a civilized society. It is necessary taking. You can always leave! Without the State, we wouldn’t be safe, we wouldn’t secure our liberties, and worst of all, we wouldn’t have ROADS! It would be chaos.

You could say the same of the humans plugged into the matrix. Despite literally having their bio-energy harvested, they still had enough to survive, the machines didn’t take all of it. They didn’t want for anything, many of them were actually very happy in the Matrix. What kind of life would there be without it?

Through applying the logic of the allegory, we can see how silly it sounds in reverse.

To defeat the Matrix is to see it for what it really is. By realizing this, Neo is able to manipulate the Matrix and grasp his own destiny. Just as the machines require apathy on behalf of their livestock, the State requires, at the very least, our passive acceptance.

In Anatomy of the State, Rothbard identifies the State’s greatest weakness: independent intellectual criticism, which the forthcoming Liberty Weekly Podcast will intend to provide by showing you that life exists outside both the Matrix and the State.

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Bipartisan Budget Emerges in Effort to Prevent Government Shutdown

In a March 3rd articleLiberty Weekly commented on an interview of former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman, who warned about the possibility of a Government shutdown beginning March 15, 2017.

Stockman explained that on that date, the debt ceiling holiday was set to freeze at $20 trillion. The expert reasoned that, with such strong opposition to Donald Trump, there would be no political energy in Washington to raise the debt ceiling any higher.

The debt ceiling did freeze March, 15. Since then, the Treasury has instituted “emergency measures” to avoid defaulting on its obligations. These emergency measures, along with temporary budget agreements called “continuing resolutions,” have kept the Federal Government operational while Congress attempts to pass a budget agreement that would raise the debt ceiling, thus allowing the Government to borrow more money.

The latest continuing resolution, passed last Friday, April 28, ends May 5–this coming Friday. If Congress does not pass a budget, the Federal Government will be forced to shut down by midnight on Friday night. The shutdown would resemble a similar shutdown that occurred in 2013.

Contrary to Stockman’s predictions, it appears that Congress was able to find the political will to pass a budget agreement–at least for the time being.

Late Sunday night, a 1665-page spending bill emerged as a “bipartisan agreement” between the Republicans and Democrats.
The spending bill would see a $1 trillion increase to the debt ceiling, effectively keeping the Federal Government operational until October 1, 2017.

Ultimately, I disagreed with Stockman’s predictions of a summer budget impasse scenario. This is because I have a great faith in Congress’ ability to pass legislation in the interest of self-preservation, especially when the failure to do so would mean absolute chaos in the markets and less money for the Elite in Washington.

Moreover, the term bipartisan should tell us most of what we need to know about the spending agreement. As George Carlin famously said: “bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

Regardless, it would behoove us to explore what the bill looks like, a task which Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams performed admirably in this Monday’s edition of the Liberty Report:

According to the above video and this article from, highlights of the spending bill include the allocation of:

On another note, Trump’s battle to secure funding for his programs– namely his hallmark campaign promise, the border wall–will be postponed until October 1. This morning, Trump expressed his understanding of the temporary agreement in two tweets:

Trump’s threat is certainly eyebrow-raising, but how seriously should we take these tweets? Was Stockman’s budget showdown scenario correct, but mistimed? We will see this fall.

Ultimately, it is a safe bet that we, at least for now, in for more of the same: more war, more spending, more inflation, and more subjecting future generations to debt they couldn’t possibly consent to.

For more details concerning the details of the proposed budget, I would urge you to consult the linked sources, with appropriate time-stamps to the Liberty Report.

The general trend of excessive government spending is the inevitable result of our de facto democracy–a republican government stripped bare of the Constitution’s intended safeguards against centralized power and the tyranny of the majority.

To assert the original republican understanding of the Constitution and push back against these unconstitutional exercises of  federal power, we must rediscover the axiom state nullification, a Constitutional mechanism by which states can interpose against unconstitutional federal laws. This principle was asserted by two of America’s most influential Founding Fathers: James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

In the present day, the Federal Government relies on a substantial degree of cooperation from the states. With the principle of state nullification, we can use the states, as the original agents of the people, to say no to bloated, unconstitutional federal programs which bankrupt us and destroy our liberties. See Tenth Amendment Center.

As part of the planned Liberty Weekly Podcast, I’m looking forward to sharing the story of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions and their forgotten chapter in American History. We are currently planning a launch by the end of May!

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Joining the Conversation: The Future of Liberty Weekly

I am pleased to announce that Liberty Weekly will be celebrating its first anniversary on June 23, 2017!

One year ago today, I was preparing to write the final round of finals and conclude my first year of law school. The ten months of 1L year contained much self-doubt and anxiety. I even developed a habit of tooth-grinding, which has persisted. Law school is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

But, to this point it has been worth it–the unholy magic that is law school did its job. This cushy liberal arts major (English) was pounded into human dust, then reconstructed with a cold, analytical mind and a vampiric lust for blood that only an attorney could possess.

After 1L year, I picked up a data entry job managing the alumni database at my school. I worked with some great people, but the job itself was very mind-numbing. So to stay entertained, I discovered the libertarian podcasting community!

Of course, the Tom Woods Show quickly became a staple in my work routine. Although I was a Misesian free market anarchist before listening to Tom, my knowledge grew exponentially during that summer I spent doing data entry, planning my wedding, and reading Murray Rothbard.

As the dinosaur mainstream media slowly suicides via its blatant lies, obsolete business model, and lap-dog coverage, more and more people are doing what I did and turning to decentralized forms of entertainment and media production. This, my friends, is where the future of the liberty movement lies.

As more and more people turn to these decentralized forms of communication, the marketplace has opened for independent media providers to spread the liberty message. As we know, the free market is the best mechanism for prosperity and true human progress. Why not use it to disseminate the message of liberty and true human progress?

By creating Liberty Weekly, my intent was to simply join in that conversation and spread the message. I did so with the hope that the site could eventually attract enough attention to monetize.

While that is still my intention, it has always been a struggle to produce quality content with the kind of consistency that would grow the site beyond 90 views per week, especially while juggling my marriage, clerking obligations, and law school.

Now that I feel like I have more time and motivation–I want to take Liberty Weekly to the next level!

With that, I am very pleased to announce the return of regular content to Liberty Weekly and the coming launch of the Liberty Weekly Podcast with a pre-June launch date!

The podcast will focus on much of the same content that appears in previous articles published on the site. It will also have guest appearances and will contain more substantive coverage of libertarian theory, economics, and history. Of course, the content is subject to change based on audience input.

I am also pleased to announce that Liberty Weekly will be welcoming a regular co-host to the podcast, who will introduce himself at launch. He very knowledgeable and is great at conveying the message. I am very excited at what he brings to the table.

I will also be updating the free E-Book signup option to consist of a  public policy analysis of the war on drugs from an Austrian market-process approach. It will definitely compliment your logical arsenal for use against the statists. I know that you will love it.

The best way to experience Liberty Weekly and receive updates going forward is by signing up for our email list, where I am launching a new campaign with a more exclusive, personalized feel. Join the Liberty Weekly Elite!

Finally, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who have been keeping tabs on my work here. My hope is that we will see Liberty Weekly grow exponentially together. I am thrilled to get started!


Pat MacFarlane

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Napolitano Indefinitely Suspended from Fox News for Trump “Wiretapping” Comments

Yesterday, Fox News announced their decision to indefinitely suspend Judge Andrew Napolitano’s airtime in response to Napolitano’s assertion that former President Obama conducted surveillance on Trump via British Intelligence.

By using British Intelligence to spy on then-candidate Trump, Obama could avoid leaving a paper trail that would lead to his administration. To prove the veracity of his claim, Napolitano cites various Fox News sources within the US intelligence community. Fox News vehemently denies these claims.

Since 2006, Napolitano has worked as a media commentator for Fox News hosting and appearing in liberty-oriented programming including Freedom Watch. Although Napolitano held the position of Senior Judicial Analyst, his current relationship with Fox News is unclear.

It would certainly make logical sense if Obama did, in fact, use British Intelligence to anonymously surveil then-candidate Trump. However, as both Ron Paul and James Corbett point out, Obama would not necessarily have to take this route, because there does not need to be a surveillance paper trail.

We have known for years that NSA routinely conducts warrantless spying on all Americans. It would be foolish to assume that the most politically powerful figures would be exempt from this surveillance. In fact, they are priority number one. The NSA was made for this activity. That is its purpose.

James Corbett and Ron Paul comment on the Trump “Wiretapping” scandal:

So we know that Trump almost certainly was surveilled as a candidate and that he is not the first to be the object of such surveillance. In fact, Obama himself was the object of NSA surveillance as far back as 2004 when he was running for Senate in Illinois. This fact was revealed by NSA whistleblower Russ Tice in 2013.

Moreover, anyone with any political clout is the subject of NSA surveillance. There does not need to be any kind of order to perform this surveillance, the NSA dragnet is already capturing everything.

When it comes to Napolitano’s allegations that British Intelligence tapped Trump’s phones, who knows? It certainly is plausible, but why  would Obama go through the trouble when the NSA already has everything?

While the above questions lack definite answers, one thing we can say with certainty is that Napolitano is a libertarian icon whose presence on Fox News will be missed. Perhaps this schism with Fox News will drive him to more worthwhile pursuits . . . perhaps with the Mises Institute? One may only hope.

Before I conclude today’s content, I wanted to bring the reader’s attention to the Orwellian doublespeak at play behind the very title of this political puppet show: “the Trump ‘Wiretapping’ Scandal.”

The use of the word “wiretapping” seeks to frame public thought by inserting the image of someone physically sneaking into Trump Tower with a written order from Obama to place a bug on Trump’s phone. This subliminal framing is complete garbage. We know that in the modern era of complete government surveillance, this is not at all necessary.

That is all for today! Thanks for stopping by Liberty Weekly. If you have not already, I would urge you to sign up for my email list and follow me on Steemit, Minds, Facebook, and Twitter!

Bitchute: The New Youtube?

As the mainstream media self-destructs, the alternative media  continues to seed the internet with decentralized, homegrown alternatives. To combat the rise of citizen journalism, social media giants like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have cracked down on their users’ freedom of expression by censoring discussion of taboo topics and labeling alternative news outlets as “fake news.”

For example, in November, Reddit completely  banned r/pizzagate in an attempt to prevent discussion on the platform, citing excessive “witch hunting.”  As a result, much of r/pizzagate’s traffic migrated to alternatives such as Steemit, Youtube, and Minds.

Twitter has also made efforts to suppress unapproved speech by suspending accounts and preventing posts containing certain links and language. Infamously, this happened to alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, but has been occurring more and more.

Recently, Twitter didn’t allow Tom Woods to tweet a link to his new Ebook:

In regards to censorship, Youtube has not been innocent, either. Within the past year, several prominent Youtubers have reported significant loss of traffic on videos that criticize government.

Enter BitChute: the decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) video hosting platform!

BitChute–Homepage Screen capture taken 3/20/2017

Taken from the website’s FAQ page, site’s aim is to encapsulate a complex P2P torrenting system within a streamlined web browser format. By streamlining the format, the hope is that the site would then be ready for mass adoption.

By bringing the decentralized P2P format to video hosting/streaming, users would theoretically be free from arbitrary censorship that centralized platforms like Youtube impose.

BitChute is still under development, but many alternative media outlets like Newsbud, Media Monarchy, and the Corbett Report have already joined the site and are currently posting content regularly.

Once the site gets further developed regular users will be allowed to create their own channels and post videos. After this occurs, the site will be primed for mass adoption. Hopefully, users of other decentralized alternatives like Steemit and Minds will adopt the platform in lieu of Youtube.

Currently, BitChute is working to introduce a monetization platform, but details on their FAQ page are scarce in that regard.

My use of the website so far has been pretty great! Playback on any given video is smooth and not choppy. There is also a small satisfaction that comes with supporting a platform that has the potential to supplant Youtube. Hopefully more people can join in this excitement.

That is all today from Liberty Weekly! I would urge all of my readers check BitChute out and integrate its use into their daily internet routines. Follow me on Twitter to receive any BitChute updates that I come across.

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