Living Free in an Unfree World

If you are anything like me, you get frustrated on a daily basis–whether it is ignorant friends and relatives posting statist nonsense on Facebook, or the three parking tickets that I’ve gotten in the last two months. Let’s face it: it can be very lonely being a libertarian. I suppose that is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

But I mean really–is it so surprising that no one wants to talk about the morality of the non-aggression principle? Anyone care to delve into a three-hour discussion of why Teddy Roosevelt was actually a terrible president? I suppose that after a long day at work, my fiancee should be more than eager to discuss the evils of central banking, right?

The truth is that most people couldn’t care less about this kind of stuff. Learning to let go of that fact is probably one of the hardest, but most rewarding things that people like us can do. People are going to think what they want. They have to change their own minds, all we can do is put the ideas out there.

In terms of poise, Dr. Ron Paul never ceases to inspire me. He is a classy man who always seems to stay above the fray. Last month, Tom Woods interviewed Dr. Paul’s 2012 head of campaign security, John Baeza, for episode 624 of his podcast. Clocking in at 51:48, the episode paints a portrait of a tireless and disciplined advocate of liberty. Dr. Paul certainly is a modern-day Thomas Jefferson.

In that same vein, listening to Murray Rothbard lecture is like watching Wayne Gretzky carve his way through history. In an amazing stroke of providence, someone uploaded a  series of six Rothbard lectures to YouTube. Go listen to them right now. From his little quips and mannerisms you can tell that he is absolutely in his element. It is abundantly clear that he was doing exactly what he was meant to do.

In our every-day battle against the state and its acolytes, we must channel the strength of these and other great men & women. We must find joy in the struggle, because if we give in to the dirge of oppression, then the state has truly won.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Patrick MacFarlane


Photo Credits:                                                                    Gage Skidmore from Wikimedia Commons

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